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Okay, so it’s obvious it’s meant to clean your car’s exterior but, in the detailing world, clean is just not gonna cut it. You need it to be well washed, polished and protected. Exterior Detailer is a product used to instantly boost the shine in between washes, for that just washed look.

Let’s say you’re heading to a car show, you get there and notice your car doesn’t look quite as good as when you left.  You don’t have time to do another wash, but you do have time to use Exterior Detailer! It gives the paintwork a quick lustrous shine and a just waxed look. Just don’t forget that it won’t actually give your car that long-term protection like a dedicated product would. It is simply a transition product, so to speak.



What should I look for when I buy a ‘quick detailer’?

Exterior Detailer is an easy and fast to use product, made of basic components. Look for a formula that is not too thick and dissipates quickly. You don’t want a touch up detailer to be smearing all over the panel taking an age to buff off (kind of defeats the object). You may also want to choose an Exterior Detailer with a great scent, not at all essential but it can’t hurt to have your ride smelling and looking fresh!

Sam’s Exterior Detailer is a ready to use formula, composed of a synthetic wax that will make your ride bling. Simply shake and spray away! Oh and did we mention it’s tropical scented!


1: Shake the bottle, spray onto the surface and buff off with a Sam’s microfibre towel.

2: Use a back and forth motion when wiping the product off, rather than a circular one. A circular motion tends to leave nasty swirl marks on your paintwork and you really don’t want that.

3: You may want to use exterior detailer just after washing when the water still clings to your car. This is because the exterior detailer can be used as a drying agent. Simply spray onto the car and dry with Sam’s Drying Towel.

4: If applying in hotter climates, spray directly onto the microfibre instead.

5: Don’t use the same microfibre on your cars’ body as you have used on the wheels as this may be harvesting and transferring dirt on to the other parts of your vehicle, which can cause swirl marks.

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