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A fallout remover is a non-diluting, spray-on and wash off formula or gel that you apply to the body panels and wheels of your car. This is a product that is used to remove the iron or fallout contaminants caused by the steel off your brake disk or pads.



There are various brands out there that may confuse you when buying your first fallout remover, here are Sam’s tips to get you on the right track:

1. Buy a fallout remover with a thickening agent, giving it a gel-like consistency. This will stick to your wheels, giving it a long time to work on those nasty contaminants.

2.Look for a concentrated and potent formula, perfect for alloy wheel cleaning. This will result in a quicker effect on your wheels and will be better value for money. Win win!

3. When it comes to picking out an Iron Reactor, you  want to get a pH Neutral one. This is because it will avoid stripping your car wax and will work better on paintwork decontamination.

Luckily Sam has developed his Iron Reactor to have all of these attributes!

Get good and reliable brushes to complete the process of cleaning your wheels! A flexible alloy wheel brush will make a big difference. Ours are anti-scratch, so no need to worry about marking your wheels. A detailing brush set will help when cleaning those hard to reach areas so cleaning’s a doddle.

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