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So, it was time to go to the hub of RWB and learn about the origins of this brand! My main objective was to get inspiration for my RWB build and finally put faces to all the names on the RWB group chat!


It turned out my timing had been perfect. I arrived on the week of Tokyo Auto Salon and the RWB New Years meet!


In the quiet streets of Kashiwa you’re suddenly greeted with Rauh Welt Begriff HQ. It was crazy to just turn the corner and to see all of these RWBs!


Once arriving into Tokyo my first stop was RWB HQ! Navigating Tokyo was extremely simple, a pasmo card and Google Maps sufficed. Now it is important to note 2 things, firstly Nakai San builds around 30-40 international RWBs a year so there is a good chance that if you turn up blind he may not be there. Secondly, the dude is nocturnal and generally works from 5pm to the early hours!



Nakai Sans workshop is simple and filled with memorabilia of his international builds. You take a look around and it is clear that Nakai is an extremely sentimental guy. Posters from international builds, RWB partners signage, his wall of empty bottles and of course Coca Cola.


Watching Nakai build on his home turf is certainly a unique experience. I managed to watch a smooth fender build go on, something I’ve never seen before as most of the international builds are bolt on kits.

I’d certainly recommend a trip to HQ, just keep in mind his working hours and whether he is even in Japan!

Nakai’s ordering system for the RWB builds is pretty simple. A post it note on an RSJ pillar….and it appears to work! There were plenty of live orders awaiting to be fulfilled and Nakai explained how busy he was on the kits alone.


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