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It’s time to turn your attention to Sam’s Wheel Cleaner and Wheel Soap, two of the most important chemicals for a car detail. We’re here to explain why you need both and how to get the best out of them.


For those of you who are new to the world of detailing, this could be confusing as the end result of both products is in fact clean wheels. The difference however, is that wheel cleaner should be used as a prewash to remove loose brake dust and some of the heavier dirt, whilst the wheel soap should be used for a more thorough clean.


Sam’s Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral and therefore safe for all finishes. It contains a gel-like additive providing a longer cling time so each drop of the formula can be maximized. It also means you get to smell that cherry scent for slightly longer. You can thank us later.



Make sure wheels are cool and dry then apply a liberal amount of wheel cleaner

Let the product sit for 2-3 minutes in order to break down the dirt and grime

Using Sam’s Flexi Alloy Brushes, work the cleaner around the wheels

Fill you bucket with water and add a couple of squirts of Sam’s Wheel Soap

(if you are apprehensive about the finish of the alloy, simply dilute the cleaner further using a 10:1 ratio)

Let your detailing brushes sit in the bucket for a few minutes

Detail your wheels, concentrating on the spokes, calliper and lower rocker panel

Rinse the wheels with your pressure washer and dry using a Sam’s Utility Towel

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