My Story

Q & A

Q: How did your love for cars/car care start out?

Sam: My Dad used to take me on road trips, there was always something car related going on. I think that sparked my interest in cars and detailing.

Q: What are you most focused on when cleaning your car?

Sam: Usually the barrels on the alloys. For some reason clean inner barrels complete a detail for me.

Q: So where did Sam’s Detailing really start and what do you think sets you guys apart from the other car detailing brands/products on the market?

Sam: Ok. It all started when I got my first car, I started getting into detailing in a big way. I was confused and overwhelmed the range of products. I started to formulate some of my own blends of snow foam using a mixture of products that are already on the market. After a while, I decided to create my own range of products that are designed, tested, developed and marketed by me.

Simplicity is our strength. I avoid using complicated terms that will confuse people. The products are designed to work effectively and be easy to use whether you are a seasoned professional or first time user.  

Q: You have a unique logo that says “Driven by Passion”, can you tell us the story behind it and the role of that so-called passion to your brand?

Sam: The brand is born out of real passion. We’re not detailers by trade but we’re enthusiasts who just wanted to know products that we wanted for ourselves. Everything we create and do has that passion behind it, and that’s what makes Sam’s Detailing.