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Mixer Bottle

Great to mix your favorite detailing products with. With an industrial trigger head and graduations in milliliters or percentages

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Pour yourself the perfect draught
Ceramic Boost™ Keg

An instant coat of protection utilising the latest in SiO2 technology. A spray on, rinse off formula for 2-3 months of protection

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Don’t over saturate the panel with me
Expert Range
Exterior Detailer Keg

Our versatile quick detailer with synthetic gloss enhancers that can be used on any section of paintwork to give that ‘just waxed’ look

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To avoid water spotting in summer, use your quick detailer as a rinse aid
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Wheel Cleaner Keg

Acid free and suited to all wheel finishes. A gel based formula to increase cling time making it more effective in breaking down grime

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Keep it 'wheely' clean
Expert Range
Iron Reactor Keg

A gel formula that bleeds purple once it has dissolved the iron based contamination from your paintwork or wheels

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Don’t let me dry on your paintwork