Ceramic Kit

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Ceramic Kit


A 12 month ceramic coating for enthusiasts to apply at home, outside or inside. Comes complete with Application kit and Aftercare Kit

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SKU: 641-123226.
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250ml  |  SKU: 641-123226



Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 mm

Ceramic brought to your driveway



Sam's Method

Less is more with Ceramic Boost. Over applying will cause streaking on the paintwork. You should look to spray only 2 – 3 mists per panel, less is more with Ceramic Boost.

1.After your two bucket method spray Ceramic Boost over the entire wet paintwork. Our formula can also be used on side windows, trim and alloys.

  1. Allow the Ceramic Boost to sit for about 10 seconds to ensure the coating sinks down to cover all areas.
  1. Follow up with a rinse from your pressure washer to activate the coating, you will notice the instant protection straight away from the water behaviour.

* In warmer climates go slower over the paintwork to ensure even coverage and then rinse off instantly to avoid the product drying on the paintwork.

On hot panels you can use Ceramic Boost like a quick detailer instead!

Application Kit includes:
Gloves x3, Face Mask, Microfibres x6, Sticker Pack, Ceramic Basecoat 250ml, Ceramic Top Coat 250ml


After Care Kit includes:
Ceramic Shampoo 250ml x2, Ceramic Detailer 250ml, Glass Cleaner 250ml

Formulated for the home user to apply
on their driveway

Can be applied to windows, wheels
and paintwork

Lasts up to 12 months when
applied and maintained correctly

Application and
Aftercare Kit included



Detail your car


Use the Ceramic Application Kit


Use the Ceramic Aftercare Kit


Ceramic Kit £85.00