Polishing Sponge

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Polishing Sponge


Our firm handled polishing sponge designed to work with any hand polish to remove minor paintwork blemishes and oxidisation

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SKU: 641-123053.
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Make sure you use a cutting polish with me

Sam's Method

Apply your chosen product to the polishing sponge and simply work it onto the bodywork in straight lines.

Cleaning Sam’s Applicator:

  1. Run the face of the pad under some warm water to wet the area only.
  2. Spray two squirts of a weak dilution of APC onto the face of the pad and massage in.
  3. Rinse under luke warm water to clean out the face and repeat if neseccary.

Do not allow the pad to soak in hot water or chemicals like fairy liquid for long periods of time as this can break down the bonding glue between the pad layers.

Firm grip handle

Cutting sponge to allow
for quick removal of scratches
and oxidisation

Polishing Sponge Sam's Detailing

Hex pattern to allow for
even distribution of product

Specifically designed for
polishing compounds



Do not over apply the product onto the sponge. This can cause product to seep through the sponge and onto your hand.


To wash, mix some All Purpose Cleaner and spray onto the face of the sponge. Allow to dwell for 10-15 minutes.


Rinse throughly and allow to dry naturally.


Polishing Sponge £5.00