Gloss Bundle


The ultimate Gloss bundle for effortless shine and protection

Glaze hides swirl marks and holograms, giving a deep shine instantly. Our carnauba Ceramic Wax protects and strengthens the shine, with effects lasting up to 8-10 months


1. Remember to always test all products on an inconspicuous area first. Ensure the surface is completely clean and free of any contaminants.

2. Apply 2 pea-sized drops of Glaze onto Sam’s Wax Applicator, and work into the paintwork in straight lines until it begins to go clear. Once clear, immediately buff off the Glaze using a microfibre.

3. Apply Ceramic Wax to Sam's Wax Applicator and work onto the paintwork in straight lines. Allow the product to haze up and if necessary, do the finger swipe test. Once cured gently buff off with a premium microfibre.

Do not over apply the product onto the sponge. This can cause product to seep through the sponge and onto your hand.


Glaze 500G

Ceramic Wax 250G

Wax Applicator

Edgeless Microfibre

  •   -  £42.50