Our acid free wheel cleaner suited to all wheel finishes. A gel based formula to increase that cling time whilst you suddenly remember to get your pressure washer out!  


Join Sam's Team with one of our Ceramic Boost Keyrings.


Do Not Wash Hanger


Grab this hanger and utilise it! Ensure no one comes near that beautiful finish that you have worked ever so hard for!


Our most simple All Purpose Cleaner, nothing more, nothing less.


Our interior detailer is formulated for a quick clean on the weekend. Spray on and wipe off on any surface, it's really that easy!


Polishing Sponge


Our firm handled polishing sponge designed to work with any hand polish to remove minor paintwork blemishes and oxidisation.

Expert Range

Snow Foam 5L Keg


Expert Range Product. Once diluted our snow foam is safe for all ceramic, wax and sealant based coatings. Dilution is key to a safe pre-wash, follow it correctly and you will minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks.


Our tyre dressing applicator is great on sidewalls as well as trim and arches. It has extra deep handled grooves to stop the product going all over your fingers!



Tyre Shine


Our new reinvented Tyre Shine! An extremely glossy finish to give that ultimate wet look on your sidewall


Our Wheel Soap allows you to have a strong shampoo that is dedicated just for your wheel bucket. It generates a huge amount of lather so you have that extra working time to detail your alloys. Ideally should be used in conjunction with our Wheel Cleaner.


Flexible stem wire to reach tight spots Protective Rubber guards (Technically for alloys but great for engine bays)


Our 24” x 36” Utility Drying Towel is designed for drying alloys, door shuts and engine bays. Perfect for when you want to keep your Drying Towel just for paintwork