Our powerful pre-wash that is wax and sealant friendly for those detailers who don't like snow foaming as much. It's also great in engine bays and door shuts.

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Monster Wash Mitt


Made from pure lambswool, our wash mitt will ensure you have one of the most safest washes for your paintwork. Just remember to have a large bucket!


Our PH Balanced cleaner that will remove all of surface contaminants on your interior. Suited to all leather, vinyl and rubber interior finishes.




A super wet glaze that can be layered to give that extra bit of shine. Our formula can sit on top of a wax or under  a wax or even applied to windows, chrome or alloys!

New gel formula!

A unique gel formula that holds its position when sprayed onto glass, giving a streak free finish and prevents those annoying drips.


A simple natural waterbased dressing that won't harm your vehicle trim and will provide a deep matt finish.


Formulated for where protection and longevity is key, our sealant will give you a solid 6 - 8 months of protection against those harsher elements.


A 3 steps in one polish that will remove light oxidisation, fill in minor imperfections and leave some protection down all done in one go!



Iron Reactor

Ceramic Boost

Wax Applicator

Mini Flexi Alloy Brush



Make the job complete with one of Sam's Air Fresheners.


Expert Mixer Bottle


Translucent bottle Industrial Trigger Head Graduations up to 900ml to make mixing easier! Percentage ratio graduations    


Our interior dressing applicators are designed to apply all dressings and conditioners to your interior.