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Tar and Glue Remover

Solvent based, formulated to dissolve all types of glue and road tar easily. Safe for all modern fully cured finishes

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Gel based formulas increase cling time
Vanilla Air Freshener

Make the job complete with one of Sam’s Air Fresheners.

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Smells of vanilla...
Hybrid Sealant

Our simple solution to the winter season, formulated to give a solid 6 months protection against the harsher elements

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Winter is about protection, not a glossy finish
Spray Wax

Carnauba wax in a spray format. Formulated to easily put down a layer of wax when in a rush or treating hard to reach areas

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Use me to wax hard to reach areas
Glass Micofibre

Diamond weave microfibre to give your glass that ultimate streak free finish!

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Never use a dirty microfibre on glass
Flexi Alloy Brush

Flexible soft bristled brush designed to get deep into your wheel barrels. Rubber coated stem ensures no damage to your wheels

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Use me to get into those barrels
Ceramic Boost™ Keg

An instant coat of protection utilising the latest in SiO2 technology. A spray on, rinse off formula for 2-3 months of protection

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Don’t over saturate the panel with me
Clay Lubricant

Clay Lubricant can be used with any clay media to give your paintwork that factory smooth finish

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Use me to lengthen the life of your Clay Bar
Pin Badge

Join Sam’s Team with one of our Label Pin Badges

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Pin me on your clothes or bag!
Leather Protectant

Formulated for modern hide, our protectant will delay dye transfer and minimise wear on your leather leaving a natural finish

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Modern hides do not need conditioning, simply protecting
Expert Range
Exterior Detailer Keg

Our versatile quick detailer with synthetic gloss enhancers that can be used on any section of paintwork to give that ‘just waxed’ look

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To avoid water spotting in summer, use your quick detailer as a rinse aid
Clay Mitt

A reusable Clay Mitt that removes ingrained dirt, bugs and tar spots from your paintwork

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If you drop me, rinse me and reuse me
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