Liquid Wax


Our super easy on, easy off non abrasive formula which gives you that super wet look on your paintwork.


Formulated for modern hide to leave a natural finish, our protectant will delay dye transfer and minimise wear on your leather.


Expert Range product. An instant coat of protection utilising the latest in SiO2 technology.  A spray on wash off formula that will give 2-3 months of instant protection with the most minimal of efforts!


Flexi Alloy Brush


Suited to all alloy finishes Flexible stem wire to reach tight spots Protective Rubber guards


Our interior dressing applicators are designed to apply all dressings and conditioners to your interior.


Spray Wax


An advanced spray wax designed to quickly put down a layer of glossy Carnauba when in a rush or treating hard to reach areas!


Our advanced Tyre Dressing Stripper designed to remove old dressings and leave a fresh base for new dressings


Our super slippery lubricant with extra additives to ensure you minimise the risk of marring your paintwork during the claying session. Using Clay Lube will also lengthen the lifetime of your clay bar!


Expert Range product. Our versatile quick detailer with synthetic gloss enhancers that can be used on any section of paintwork to give that 'just waxed' look.



Wheel Cleaner

3 in 1 Polish

Polishing Sponge

Mini Flexi Alloy Brush



A solvent based Tar and Glue Remover which will safely dissolved and remove contamination on contact. Safe for all modern fully cured paint finishes.


Clay Bar


Our fine graded clay bar is designed to be used in conjunction with our clay lubricant. Designed to pick up the most minor contaminants it will leave your paintwork feeling super slick and smooth!