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Detailing Bucket

Our heavy duty 20L Detailing Bucket comes with a removable grit guard and fully sealed lid system

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Use the sticker included to decide how to use your bucket
Sticker Pack

Become part of Sam’s Team with this 4 pack of stickers

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Join our family!
Insect Remover

Formulated for fast removal of dried on insect remains as well as blood splatter

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Avoid going over the bumper ferociously, it can cause marring
Sample Kit

A great way to kick off with Sam’s Detailing. Sample 8 of our most popular products in cute 100ml bottles! Also introducing our brand new Ceramic Wax!

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Not sure what to get? Try me!
Lavender Air Freshener

Make the job complete with one of Sam’s Air Fresheners.

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Feel relaxed with our Lavender Air Freshener
Fabric Cleaner

Formulated to shift stubborn stains from all interior fabrics including headliners, carpets and upholstery

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Use me to remove ingrained dirt, which you can't see with the naked eye
Signature Air Freshener

A sweet and woody scent rounded off with rose

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Sam's Signature scented Air Freshener
Wooden Puck

Our wooden handheld puck is designed to be used in conjunction with Sam’s Puck Applicator range

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A solid handle offers such confidence during waxing
Expert Range
Wheel Cleaner Keg

Acid free and suited to all wheel finishes. A gel based formula to increase cling time making it more effective in breaking down grime

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Keep it 'wheely' clean
Expert Range
Iron Reactor Keg

A gel formula that bleeds purple once it has dissolved the iron based contamination from your paintwork or wheels

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Don’t let me dry on your paintwork
Clay Bar

Clay Lubricant’s best friend. Designed to pick up the most minor contaminants it will leave your paintwork feeling super slick

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Put me in warm water for 10 mins before using me
Applicator Puck Set

To be used in conjunction with our Wooden Puck. Includes two Wax Applicator pads and one Tyre Dressing Applicator pad

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Velcro spot pads are great for those small nooks!
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