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Applicator Puck Set

To be used in conjunction with our Wooden Puck. Includes two Wax Applicator pads and one Tyre Dressing Applicator pad

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Velcro spot pads are great for those small nooks!
Fabric Protectant

Fabric Protectant creates a waterproof barrier on your fabrics or soft top, shielding them from dirt and staining

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Protecting your carpets makes it much easier to detail
Snow Foam Keg Keyring

Join Sam’s Team with one of our Snow Foam Keg Keyrings.

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Don’t detail in direct sunlight
Scratch Remover

Efficiently removes minor scratches and oxidisation from paintwork and headlights. Also great for spot repairs on bumpers and around door handles.

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Great for headlight revival
Ceramic Kit

A 12 month ceramic coating for enthusiasts to apply at home, outside or inside. Comes complete with Application kit and Aftercare Kit

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Ceramic brought to your driveway
Tote Bag

Our large shopping bag for carrying your goods in style

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Perfect for carrying goods at car shows
The Detailing Bag Kit

Our Detailing Bag is perfect for your detailing arsenal. Comes complete with 4 x 250ml products to get you started!
H: 260mm W: 290mm D: 280mm

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Stop me from knocking around, velcro my bum down
The Debut

Screen-printed signed Limited Edition Wax Stock Poster. Only 30 available

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Hang a piece of Sam's history on your wall
Starter Kit

New to Sam’s Detailing? Kick off your detailing career with Sam’s using these these 4 key products!

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Not sure what to get? Try me!
Metal Polish

A fast acting Metal Polish formulated to remove grime and dullness from all metal surfaces instantly

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Use wirewool for the best effect
Clay Kit

Sam’s Clay Kit will make your paintwork smooth as glass, a really simple process using the Clay Lubricant and the Clay Bar found in this package!

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Get super slick paint work with this duo
Leather Brush

Long, soft bristles which are both durable and gentle, designed to be used on leather and vinyl

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Soft bristles for interiors
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