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Modified Nationals 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Modified Nationals 2018

Hailed as the largest modified cars event in the UK, Sam did not pass up the chance to jump into the action at Peterborough on the 26th – 27th May.

Sam and his team arrived on the Friday to set up his stand made from trussing and it’s fair to say his efforts did not go unnoticed! With people often remarking about the unique stand, branding and of course, the beats!



One thing we most look forward to is meeting new people that want to get a taster of Sam’s Detailing, popping in to the stand out of curiosity which always leads to a long conversation talking about cars with Sam himself!

Sam’s thoughts:

Yoooo, this was a ripper of a show! Can’t believe I managed to talk to so many enthusiasts! 2 days of just pure joy and hard work, totally worth it ”

Each ride was a showstopper in its own right, all the owners clearly put their game faces on and brought their A- game to Mod Nats. Thanks again to all of you! Keep your eyes peeled for something big at GTI International! #giveaway

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