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Ultimate Dubs 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Ultimate Dubs 2018

For the first time but definitely not the last, Sam’s Detailing hits Ultimate Dubs.

The show season has just started and we definitely packed the heat at the Telford International Centre. The two-day event saw the Sam’s Detailing Team hit their stride and get back into the swing of things.

Sam’s commented on the show-

“Wow UD 2018 rocked for us. It was awesome getting to see folks from Ultimate Stance returning to our stand for a chinwag. As well as getting to see new visitors keen to get to grips with our range. Our team had the pleasure of meeting the full spectrum of visitors from all ages from newcomers to experienced detailers. It was such a pleasure serving our customers”


Sam’s Detailing visitors and customers had the chance to try out our products right there and then in the booth, making it a more hands-on experience.



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