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Waxstock 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Waxstock 2018

With show season in full swing, Sam and his team headed to Waxstock at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry to join the biggest detailing event of the year.

We were super excited for this show as we launched our new 5L Kegs of Snow Foam, Exterior Detailer and Ceramic Boost and boy were we excited by the end of the day. The kegs were a massive hit!



In true Sam’s style, we had our beats blaring and turned Waxstock 2018 into our very own rave. The perfect way to celebrate a successful product debut we reckon. With a huge amount of detailers in one place, the show was buzzing with an energy and passion that was infectious to be around.

You know by now how much Sam loves to chat to fellow car lovers and Waxstock was no exception. One man even got down on his knees to declare his love for Sam… (we love you too.)

Our mascot was more energetic than ever, forever trying to steal the limelight. Didn’t quite manage to completely take over this time though with our pyramid of kegs casting quite a large shadow.


We’ll be at a lot of shows this summer so make sure to check! Follow us on social media, to find out where we’ll be next!

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