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Premium Air Fresheners

  • £3.00


Sam's Premium Air Freshener range will instantly refresh your interior with no effort at all. Made from quality rubber, these air fresheners will add a touch of class to any interior

Available in a range of fragrances:

Signature - sweet and woody

Jasmine - rich and peachy

Citrus - fresh and zesty

Rose Garden - floral and musky

Midnight - bold and earthy

Care Instructions

1. Allow air fresheners to hang freely.

2. Avoid touching plastics and rubber trim.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very nice smell and looks great

Simon Duffield
Look great but didn't last long

I bought a few to try but like other reviews found they fell short on longevity. Lasted about 2 days then faded quick and the smell of the rubber was left which is a shame as I love the signature smell.

Christopher Finlay
Lovely at start

Great looking air fresher I went for Sam’s signature air freshener although was disappointed that the smell only lasted around 3 days disappointed Sam’s products are normally 10/10 but let down with this one

Andrew Haithwaite
Best I've had

I've tried a hell of a lot of fresheners but most are bright colours or gimmicky patterns. These, on the other hand, look premium and understated and the smell lasts weeks.
Best fresheners i've used!

Liam White
Not very long lasting

Great quality and amazing scent but only lasted a few days :'(