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CLEANFEST 2018 - Sam's Detailing


Naturally, here at Sam’s we are all about clean cars so, Cleanfest sounded like the perfect place for us. Having never done a show in Scotland, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we found was a slick, professional show with probably the coolest trophies we’ve ever seen.


The venue itself was looking great, the symmetry of the set up doing wonders for the perfectionist in Sam. They had an awesome stage and DJ, maybe the best we’ve seen all year. We, of course, can’t forget to mention the cars. Exhibited was a top selection of modified cars. Each was as pristine as you would imagine them to be, at a show with clean in the title.

Whilst Cleanfest was not the biggest or busiest show we’ve ever attended, it did mean we got to spend more time with our customers. Smaller shows are sometimes the best ones.  We had a lot of fun chatting to everyone and made sure loads of people left with a Sam’s goodie bag.



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