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Ultimate Stance 2017 - Sam's Detailing

Ultimate Stance 2017

We introduced Sam’s Detailing to the Detailing world. Legit and officially. November 5 at the Telford International Centre, our team, brought our A game and joined our first ever car meet: Ultimate Stance 2017!

Rows of the top of the line cars from the latest ones to the old and definitely gold surely tops the cherry on the cake. Ultimate stance brought in 500 Show Cars and was located in the outdoor show.



Among the Sam’s Detailing range of products, the Wax Applicator, Iron Reactor and the Ceramic Boost™ are crowd favorites. This made us more positive to try and offer detailing products. Just the mere fact of getting positive reviews really was the highlight of the whole event. And of course the awesome cars too!



Classic Motor Show was a breath of fresh air in some ways and the perfect way to end show season. It was nice to see exhibitors from a range of businesses from handmade watch making to Carvolution’s Your Life in Cars bespoke illustrations. A true amalgamation of car lovers!

Photographer- John T Fieldsend


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