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Japfest & Trax 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Japfest & Trax 2018

We always knew our weekend at Japfest would be awesome but what we didn’t anticipate is that it would be twice as good due to a last minute decision to jump in at Trax!

Long story short we found out every other trade stand was attending Trax and we didn’t wanna miss out! Sam gets serious FOMO! (fear of missing out)



The set up for Japfest and Trax was slightly different instead of the usual outdoor tents, the organisers provided pit garages. This matched Sam’s industrial branding perfectly. The Show Kit and Ceramic Boost Mascot made their second appearance, both going down a storm! Though the Mascot somewhat stole the limelight from Sam himself, with more people wanting pictures with the giant bottle! Sorry Sam!

The biggest highlight of the show, was when a group of guys refused to believe that Sam’s Drying Towel could hold upto 3 liters of water. The team never backing down from a challenge, wanted to prove a point. So… they poured 3 litres of water into a bucket and chucked the Drying Towel in… and wala, the customer didn’t expect that!



As usual Sam picked out his favourite rides at Donnington. The winner received a Show Kit and the 2 runners up were each given a bottle 500ml bottle of Ceramic Boost!

Overall it was a great experience, a wide range of car lovers were seen over the 2 days and it was awesome to meet everyone who dropped by the stand as well as everyone who hugged the mascot! Until then… Keep it detailed

We’ll be at a lot of shows this summer so make sure to check! Follow us on social media, to find out where


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