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Players Classic 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Players Classic 2018

Sam’s Detailing pushed to Players Classic last weekend, for a two-day car meet event at Goodwood Motor Circuit. If you heard loud beats, then yeah, that was us!

Players Classic was one of the most anticipated show for Sam’s Team since there was going be a lot of debuts going on. First of all, we had a new tent for the stand that got us a lot of looks and praise which was great to hear! Sam’s famous Ceramic Boost™ mascot also totally stole the show and was a massive crowd hit! And last, but certainly not least was the release of our Show Kit. Designed to make it easier for newcomers to join Sam’s Team!



Sam always loves going to shows because of the people and of course, the cars. So what better way to acknowledge this than to give them instant prizes for their hard work on their pride and joy. That is why we started Sam’s picks, wherein Sam himself will pick three amazing cars that pique his interest. The 1st winner bagged themselves a Show Kit, while 2nd and 3rd place each won a bottle of Ceramic Boost™. We fully intend to keep this up at future shows, so if you notice Sam eyeing your car during one of the shows, he’s probably just checking out if you did an A+ detailing job. He might even want to give you on our products!

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