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Spray Wax vs. Exterior Detailer

For a long time, spray wax has been confused with quick detailers. This blog post will attempt to highlight the difference between the two and explain why you need both.

First things first, what do the two products actually do?



Starting with Spray Wax; it is an actual wax, simply bottled. Nothing synthetic in sight. It is designed to boost current wax on the surface of the vehicle, in a very quick timescale. The wax leaves a genuine layer of Carnauba behind, providing extra protection for your car.

Spray Wax should not however be used on dusty or marked surfaces. All panels must first be cleaned and prepped before use, otherwise surfaces will be left smeared. Spray Wax will not act in the same way as our Exterior Detailer or any other quick detailers available on the market.



This brings us onto Exterior Detailer or quick detailers in general. Designed purely to remove dust and other marks, whilst also enhancing the gloss of the vehicle. Although this gives a vehicle a ‘just waxed’ look, it does not leave behind any protection and results will only last for a relatively short period of time.

So you see, quick detailers and spray waxes should be used in completely different ways. Exterior Detailer can be used before Spray Wax in order to prep the surface and produce a show stopping finish.


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