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Fitted 2018 - Sam's Detailing

Fitted 2018

For Fitted UK 2018, based in Manchester at Event City, Sam’s team really decided to turn up. Fitted welcomes a huge range of cars and people, as one of the UK’s largest and most varied, indoor automotive events.

We had our biggest plot to date measuring a huge 10×10 and with the stand lit up, Sam’s was visible from all the way across the hall. If you couldn’t see us though, you’d have definitely heard us. It’s become a given that Sam likes to stand out, usually with the help of a few speakers and a whole lot of house music but, this weekend we had a couple of extra tricks up our sleeves. We had show cars gracing the stand for the first time, courtesy of @SammDean and @Jabby2013 . Both cars looked amazing and certainly demanded a lot of attention. We like to think because they were holding Sam’s Signature Paste Wax, for that unique show car finish.



At such a large and inclusive show, the team got to meet a diverse range of people and had the chance to see the eclectic mix of cars on show. The passion that had gone into the cars was clear  and did not go unnoticed by Sam. Their passion was rewarded through Sam’s picks and 3 lucky winners bagged themselves some freebies.


We’ll be at a lot of shows this summer so make sure to check! Follow us on social media, to find out where we’ll be next!

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