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Ceramic Foam

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Imagine if Ceramic Boost and Snow Foam had a baby - this would be it. 

Ceramic Foam provides a quick, safe way to get those all important beads, and gives you protection lasting up to 3 months! 

◾ Concentrated formula

◾ Dilute to use

◾ Fruit scented


1. Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Use Ceramic Foam after shampooing and rinsing your vehicle. For one application, fill your foam lance with 50ml of Ceramic Foam and 200ml of water. You could also fill a 1 litre bottle with 200ml of Ceramic Foam and top up with water to use in future.

2. Once the vehicle has been washed, cover with a layer of Ceramic Foam and immediately follow with a thorough rinse, ensuring all residue has been removed. You will see the hydrophobic properties straight away.

3. Dry the vehicle immediately with Sam’s Drying Towel.


How often should I use Ceramic Foam?

Protection can last up to 3 months, but we recommend using around once a month to ensure protection is maintained. 

Can I use Ceramic Foam on top of a ceramic coating?

Yes you can.

Can I use Ceramic Foam on my wrap?

Yes Ceramic Foam is safe for wraps.

Can I use Ceramic Boost on top of Ceramic Foam?

If using Ceramic Foam, you don't need to apply Ceramic Boost on top as the foam has enough protection, and it would be a waste of Ceramic Boost!

Can I use Ceramic Foam with a foam pump bottle instead of a lance?

Yes, Ceramic Foam can be applied with a foam bottle but we recommend using 25ml of product instead of 50ml since there is less water running through the foam bottle to dilute the product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Richard Naylor
Fantastic product

I could see the difference even on my already waxed car, from rinsing off the shampoo to rinsing off the ceramic foam. WOW!

Kevin Spence
Awesome product

Works great, very impressive

Colin Cook
Very disappointed

Used for the first time on Sunday, after seeing all the great reviews I was looking forward to trying it. We've had so much bad weather I just hadnt had the chance to do a proper wash. So rinse, TFR, rinse, snow foam, rinse, snow foam, rinse, shampoo, rinse and then finally the ceramic foam, rinse and dry

Overnight it rained, and I was disappointed to see that although the product beaded up the water, there was no sheeting and the water just sat there on the car, even on the upright panels. Big blobs of water too. I get better results visiting the car wash guys down the road, and actually got better results from the cheap 'Fenwicks Bobby Dazzle' finish I use on the caravan, which I've tried on the car too

Maybe I got a bad batch? Honestly, I don't know but I am really unimpressed


I used this foam for the first time this week and I’m blown away by the difference it has made.
Easy to apply and remove. The drying towel works so much better with this product as well. Very impressed

Andy Grimes
5 star protection

Used nothing but this on my black X5 to get me through the winter and it’s fantastic . I do use it every 3rd or 4th wash so can’t comment on longevity so much . Also really have to make sure it’s cleaned out the lance or it blocks easily . Shines and beads great .