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Citrus Pre-Wash

  • £10.00


A concentrated wax and sealant friendly citrus based pre-wash that removes excess dirt and grime. Also safe for wraps.

◾ Concentrated formula

◾ Dilute to use

◾ Citrus scented

Mixer Bottle not included with 5L - available to purchase here.


1. Use 1:8 for light duty cleaning around door shuts and trim. Liberally apply the pre-wash to the area and scrub with Sam’s Exterior Brush Set. Wipe or rinse thoroughly.

2. Use 1:4 as a pre-wash on paintwork. Spray liberally onto the paintwork and allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes. Do not allow the pre-wash to dry on the surface. Follow up with a thorough rinse.

3. Use 1:2 or neat for heavy duty degreasing in engine bays. Liberally spray the pre-wash over the engine bay and follow up with Sam’s Exterior Brush Set to break down the grime. Rinse immediately with low pressure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Grant Lewis

Great pre wash! Dilute slightly stronger and works wonders! Amazing brand and my go to every time


I’d normally buy the 5lt but they didn’t have it in stock. Diluting half a bottle into a 2lt spray bottle works great.

Great product

Love this! Brilliant product and another to add to my collection. The only disappointment was that I’ve got the smallest one as the 4ltr is out of stock. As soon as that’s back I’ll be ordering that to match the other boxed versions on my shelf.

Game changer

I was a little skeptical if I needed to add this step in but thought I would it give it a go as I usually shampoo twice.
I’m amazed at how much it broke down the dirt and grime and rinsed off effortlessly. It made washing the car so much easier

It only bloody works!

I bought this fairly scepticaly, fully expecting it to help a tiny bit, if at all.
Now I don't reckon I'll wash a car without squirting some of this all around it.
Dilute it in a spray bottle (Sam's do a good one with measurements on) and get it all around the lower parts especially of the car.
Living in the countryside it really helps grime, salt, mud slide off as soon as rinsed off.
Basically cuts wash time down, and removes loads of muck that you'd otherwise struggle to) or even worse swirl around with a mitt!
Get some!