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Clay Bundle

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Sam's Clay Bundle will make your paintwork smooth as glass. Claying is a really simple process which ensures the smallest of contaminants are removed.

Choose whether to use the Clay Mitt or the Clay Bar.

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The Clay Mitt

✅ Has a larger surface meaning it is faster to use
✅ Can be washed and reused 
❌ Gives you a less intensive decontamination 
❌ Hard to fit into smaller areas

1. Sam’s Clay Mitt is to be used after the shampoo stage of your wash.

2. Apply Sam’s Clay Lubricant to the panel and rub the mitt back and forth. As you move the mitt back and forth you will notice the mitt becoming smoother on the paintwork as the contaminants are picked up.

3. Take a feel of the paintwork, and notice how buttery smooth it has become!

    The Clay Bar

    ✅ Gives a thorough decontamination and shows visible results on the clay bar
    ✅ Great for hard-to-reach areas
    ❌ Very time consuming
    ❌ Cannot be reused after claying

    1. Remove all outer packaging and drop one Clay Bar into warm water for 3-4 minutes.

    2. Break off half of the bar and form it into a disc shape that is about the width of your four fingers.

    3. Liberally spray our Clay Lubricant over the panel and gently work the Clay Bar back and forth.


    Clay Mitt or Clay Bar 100g x 2

    Clay Lubricant 500ml

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    Jeffrey Gardner
    Clay bundle

    Absolutely fantastic product and i cant belive how easy is was with brilliant results. 5 🌟 again sam