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Glass Bundle

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Our easy-to-use Glass Cleaner will ensure dirt, grime and fingerprints are removed safely and effectively from your glass surfaces.

Protect your glass with our extremely hydrophobic, rain-repelling Glass Sealant.  Designed to improve visibility in poor weather conditions, effects can last up to 6 months on a front windscreen and 12 months on side windows.


1. Remember to always test all products on an inconspicuous area first. Ensure the glass is cool to touch before applying.

2. Do not over-apply Glass Cleaner. Spray once onto the glass and then wipe down the solution immediately using Sam's Glass Microfibre in straight lines. Flip the microfibre to a clean side and buff off thoroughly to achieve a crystal clear finish.

3. Spray the Glass Sealant onto the glass and wipe the solution down in straight lines. Use a clean glass microfibre to buff the glass to a crystal clear finish. 


Glass Cleaner 500ml

Glass Sealant 100ml

Glass Microfibre x 2

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