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Interior Bundle


This bundle is all you need to clean and refresh your interior. Our easy-to-use Interior Detailer can be used on any interior surface and cleans easily using our Interior Microfibre. Use the Interior Brush to get into smaller areas.


1. Remember to always test all products on an inconspicuous area first. Use the Interior Brush to remove all dust from surfaces, then vacuum all loose particles from your plastics and carpets.

2. Interior Detailer can be used on any hard interior surface. Simply spray directly onto Sam’s Interior Microfibre and buff the surface, leaving a uniform matt finish.

3. Finally, you can use the Interior Brush to clean the more intricate parts of the interior. Remember to gently rinse the brush with water after use and leave to dry naturally.

Important: Avoid spraying your pedals directly as they can become slippery.


Interior Detailer 500ML

Interior Microfibre

Interior Brush

  •   -  £27.50