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Leather Bundle

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Our brand new Leather Bundle is the ultimate kit for reviving your leather and bringing it back to life. The Leather Cleaner mousse strips away all dirt and oils, and the Leather Protectant delays dye transfer and minimises wear on your leather, leaving you with a smooth, matt finish. Suitable for all colours of leather.


1. Remember to always test the product on an inconspicuous area first. Ensure all surfaces are vacuumed fully and all debris has been removed.

2. Spray the Leather Cleaner onto the Leather Brush or Interior Scrub Pad, and work the mousse into the leather. Gently scrub, lifting the dirt into the lather, and then wipe away the excess with a microfibre. 

3. Spray the Leather Protectant onto the leather and use a clean microfibre to spread the product over the leather. Straight after the application, buff off the residue with a microfibre until a uniform matt finish is achieved.


Leather Cleaner 200ml

Leather Protectant 250ml

Leather Brush or Interior Scrub Pad

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