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One Step Polish

  • £16.00


A single stage polishing compound which starts as a coarse compound and breaks down to a fine finishing compound, allowing you to correct your paintwork in one step


1. Ensure the paintwork is clean and has been clayed to remove all contamination. 

2. We recommend using an orbital machine polisher with this polish.

3. Apply 3-4 pea sized drops to your polishing pad. At speed 1-2 spread the polish across an area of about 40cm x 40cm, bring the speed up to 4-5 on your machine and work the polish down for about 5 minutes until the polish now looks clear.

4.  Once the polish has fully broken down, reduce the speed to 2-3 to act as the final stage. Do approximately 3 passes to complete the refining stage of this polish.

5. Finally, buff off with a clean microfibre.

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