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Pump Sprayer

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A pressurised chemical resistant pump sprayer that is designed for applying our pre-washes and wheel cleaners. 

A standard nozzle comes fitted to the pump sprayer and a foaming nozzle is included. 

* Please note that each pump sprayer is tested before final packing, there may be some moisture left in the pump from this test.

For the foaming nozzle ensure you pump the container to the maximum point.

How To Use

1. Twist the head off the bottle and decant your detailing product into the bottle. Be sure to follow the mixing instructions on the back of the bottle if applicable.

2. Pump up the bottle until you feel resistance.

3. Push down the button to apply the product onto the vehicle until pressure starts to run down.

4. Follow steps 2 and 3 again until you are happy with the product application.

Care Instructions

1. Always flush the pump through with plain water to avoid damaging the internal seals.

2. Never over pump the container, you should never have to use force to pump the bottle.

Changing the nozzle

1. Remove the white nozzle head and replace with the black nozzle head included in the box. When fitting ensure the white seal is inside the head before screwing to the pump sprayer.
2. Remove the fitted pick up tube and replace with the foaming pick up tube. Ensure that the thicker part of the tube is inserted into the pump sprayer head.
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