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Snow Foam

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Once diluted our Snow Foam is safe for all ceramic, wax and sealant based coatings. Use it to reduce the risk of swirl marks.

◾ Concentrated formula

◾ Dilute to use

◾ Apple scented

Mixer Bottle not included with 5L - available to purchase here.


1. Remember to always test the product on an inconspicuous area first. Fill up approximately 100ml of snow foam into Sam’s foam lance bottle and top off with warm water.

2. Foam the entire vehicle including the wheel arches and allow to dwell for approximately 10 minutes depending on the temperature.

3. Thoroughly rinse off the vehicle and begin your wash stage.


 Is Snow Foam pH neutral?

When diluted, Snow Foam is pH neutral. Used neat, it is slightly alkaline.

Do I apply Snow Foam to a wet or dry vehicle?

We recommend a dry vehicle, as extra water will unnecessarily dilute the Snow Foam.

My foam isn't very thick, what should I do?

Try decreasing the dilution and adjusting your pressure washer. In hard water areas, the foam may be a little less thick. Also don't apply onto a wet car as this will dilute the foam as you apply.

Which direction should I apply Snow Foam?

Spray from bottom to top to allow the foam to sit on the dirtier areas for longer. When rinsing however, spray top to bottom to ensure the foam doesn't drip onto clean areas.

Can I use Snow Foam on my motorbike?

Yes Snow Foam is suitable for motorbikes.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing 🤩


Regular purchase for a reason. Great product.

Absolute Rubbish

This does absolutely nothing a jetwash cannot do on its own with no soap.
Please don’t be fooled by the fake videos.

I am an ex car valeter and thought I would give this a try and I can safely say it literally does nothing what so ever apart from make the car look white.
I tried it on our dark blue BMW & Our Silver Ford Smax and the results were the same on both, the car still needs cleaning by hand simple as that.

Hi, as advised by email, snow foam is a pre-wash product and does not clean 100%. You will still need to use shampoo after to achieve this.

Great snow foam

What a great product.

This snow foam is brilliant. Love the fact I brought the boxed version so it can line up neatly in my shelf in the shed. Deffo ordering again

Jamie ford
Outstanding products

I used Sam's snowfoam, shampoo, wheel cleaner, iron remover, exterior detailer and interior detailer and I got to say I was impressed, I've tried lots of different brands but this stuff is above them all. I will definitely be buying more. 5 star from me

Thank you