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Snow Foam Lance

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Designed to create thick, clingy foam for the perfect pre-wash stage. Use in conjunction with Sam’s Snow Foam for the ultimate decontamination. 

If you are unsure which adapter you need for your pressure washer, please email us with a picture of the male connector. 

BOSCH AQUATAK - New models use Black & Decker/Bosch AQT. Old models use Bosch Aquatak.


1. Remember to always test the product on an inconspicuous area first. Fill up approximately 100ml of snow foam into Sam’s foam lance bottle and top off with warm water.

2. Foam the entire vehicle including the arches and allow to dwell for approximately 10 minutes depending on the temperature.

3. Thoroughly rinse off the vehicle and begin your wash stage.


My foam isn't very thick, what should I do?

Try decreasing the dilution and adjusting your pressure washer. In hard water areas, the foam may be a little less thick. Also don't apply onto a wet car as this will dilute the foam as you apply.

Which direction should I apply Snow Foam?

Spray from bottom to top to allow the foam to sit on the dirtier areas for longer. When rinsing however, spray top to bottom to ensure the foam doesn't drip onto clean areas.

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