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Two Bucket Bundle

  • £60.00
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Sam's Two Bucket Bundle contains everything you need to give your car a safe, contact wash.

Our heavy duty 20L Detailing Buckets come with a removable grit guard, and our slick pH neutral Shampoo is safe for all paintwork finishes.

Choose your accessory from either our durable Microfibre Wash Mitt or our plush Microfibre Wash Pad.


Detailing Bucket x 2

Grit Guards x 2

Shampoo 500ML

Microfibre Wash Mitt or Microfibre Wash Pad


1. Insert the grit guards into your buckets and fill up both buckets with water. Squirt one or two squeezes of Shampoo into one bucket, then use your pressure washer lance to thoroughly mix the solution.

2. Dunk your mitt or pad into the wash solution, and go over the first panel. Rinse your mitt or pad in the plain water bucket.

3. Once rinsed, dunk again into the wash bucket and continue this process over the whole car until every panel has been cleaned.

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Great products. I’m now fully invested in the brand to keep my car looking great.