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Wheel & Tyre Bundle

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Choose your dressing


Everything you need to ensure your tyres and alloys get the deep clean they deserve. Finish with your choice of a matt or gloss tyre dressing.


1. Remember to always test the products on an inconspicuous area first.

2. Liberally spray Sam's Wheel & Tyre Cleaner over the face and inner barrel of the alloy. Allow the cleaner to sit and break down the dirt for a couple of minutes, you will see the green foam turn brown when it reacts with dirt.

3. Use Sam's Tyre Brush to agitate the foam on the tyres. Then use Sam's Mini Flexi Alloy Brush to work the product into the smaller areas of the alloy. Follow up with a thorough rinsing of the entire wheel.

3. Choose either Rubber & Trim Dressing for a matt look, or Tyre Shine for a glossy finish. Apply a few dots of your chosen dressing to Sam's Tyre Dressing Applicator and spread evenly over the tyre sidewalls. You can apply another coat for an even stronger finish.


Wheel & Tyre Cleaner 500ML

Tyre Brush

Mini Flexi Alloy Brush

Tyre Dressing Applicator

Rubber & Trim Dressing 500ML or Tyre Shine 500ML

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