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XXL Drying Towel


Our famous Drying Towel just got bigger! 

200cm x 110cm of pure twisted loop microfibre. And if you don't like detailing, you can always just use it as a blanket.

Limited to 1 per customer.


Can I put the Drying Towel in the washing machine?

Yes, a hot wash every few weeks will be fine. Use Microfibre Wash to extend the life of your towel.

Can I put the Drying Towel in the tumble dryer?

No, never tumble dry, always leave to dry naturally before putting away.

Why is the towel only one sided?

Using twist loop technology, the surface area of two sides is now on one side, allowing the towel to absorb even more water.

What is the other side used for?

There isn't really an answer for this, however it is safe to use on your car but bear in mind, this side doesn't have the twist loop.

  •   -  £35.00